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Welcome to my website!

Who am I? Throughout middle school I played a lot of video games, some of which consisted of Runescape, Evony. Due to the pay to win models created by the games a lot of people resorted to private servers and other tools such as bots. I was intrigued by the Runescape private server scene for a while and that was what started my desire to learn more and inspired me to become a developer.

Through this journey I enhanced my grasp on Java and the Object-Oriented paradigm while spending time to learn the concepts behind a couple other languages such as C and C++. These introduced me to the concepts of manual memory management, pointers, data structures, algorithms, etc. This also led me to pursue my bachelors of Computer Science at the SUNY Polytechnic Institute at Utica, New York!

Interests & Hobbies

I’ve went around the world! I’ve visited places such as Dubai, Pakistan, Canada, and I’ve also been around the United States! I hope that later in the future that I will be able to travel more often as I have enjoyed seeing the world so far and how different it is in comparison to my daily life.

The states I have lived in for mulitiple years are California and New York. I have also traveled through multiple states (Georgia, North + South Carolina...) getting to others such as Florida.

As for my hobbies, I usually spend the day out with friends either longboarding or on walks or I stay inside exploring video games, music, and unfamiliar programming concepts in an effort to expand my knowledge.

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